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Herbert Simon Award

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Herbert Simon Award
Awarded forOutstanding contribution to business and management research, effect on the College's research directions.
CountryHungary, Budapest
Presented byRajk László College for Advanced Studies
First awarded2005

The Herbert Simon Award was established in 2004 by the Rajk László College for Advanced Studies. It is given annually to an outstanding scholar in the field of business and management whose works have contributed to the understanding or solving of practical business problems, and had a substantial influence over a long period of time on the studies and intellectual activity of the students at the college.

This award is given by students, to whom they rated the highest. The students select the nominees and vote for the prize-winner in the Assembly of the college after a review and debate regarding the selected names.


The award was given to the following scholars:[1]

Year Awardee Institution Nationality
2005 James G. March[2] Stanford University  United States
2006 Henry Mintzberg McGill University  Canada
2007 Michael C. Jensen Harvard University  United States
2008 Robert M. Grant Bocconi University  United States
2009 C. K. Prahalad University of Michigan Ross School of Business  India
2010 Håkan Håkansson BI Norwegian School of Management  Sweden
2011 David Teece[3] University of California, Berkeley Haas School of Business  New Zealand
2012 Pankaj Ghemawat[4] IESE Business School  India
2013 Aswath Damodaran[5] NYU Stern School of Business  India
2014 Clayton M. Christensen[6] Harvard Business School  United States
2015 Erik Brynjolfsson[7] MIT Sloan School of Management  United States
2016 Jeffrey Pfeffer[8] Stanford University  United States
2017 Sinan Aral[9] MIT Sloan School of Management  United States
2018 Amy Wrzesniewski[10] Yale University  United States
2019 James E. Austin[11] Harvard Business School  United States
2020 Henry Chesbrough[12] University of California, Berkeley Haas School of Business  United States
2021 Marshall Van Alstyne[13] Boston University  United States
2022 Amy Edmondson[14] Harvard Business School  United States


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