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Herbert Slade

Herbert Augustus Slade (10 January 1851 – 6 April 1913), also known as "Māori" Slade, was a New Zealand boxer of Irish and Māori descent, who fought John L Sullivan for the heavyweight championship of the world. This occurred at Madison Square Garden, New York, on 6 August 1883. Sullivan won in the third round. Slade may be considered New Zealand’s first international sports personality, and has been inducted into the Māori Sports Hall of Fame.[1]

Slade was born in Kaeo, New Zealand in 1851.

Given the issues of racial discrimination in the United States, it was unusual for a brown person to be allowed to fight for the championship. Indeed, it was the first such match featuring a non-white contender.[2]

Slade later went on an exhibition tour with Sullivan and settled in the United States. He died in Utah in 1913.[3]


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