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Herbert Wernicke (March 24, 1946 – April 16, 2002) was a German opera director and a set and costume designer. He was born in Auggen, Baden-Württemberg. He studied piano, flute, and directing at the conservatory in Braunschweig and set design at the academy in Munich. After starting out as set and costume designer in Landshut and Wuppertal, and directing his first play in Darmstadt, he directed his first opera, Handel's Belsazar, in 1978 in Darmstadt. The majority of Wernicke's artistic work was at the theater in Basel, where he lived since 1990.

(Wernicke's 1997 production of "Orpheus in the Underworld", Image Entertainment ID9305RADVD, copyright RM Associates/ZDF, has disappeared from all catalogues, including IMDB.com. Wernicke is credited with Stage Direction, Set & Costume Design, and Lighting. The role of Jupiter was played by Dale Duesing and Eurydice was Elizabeth Vidal. Alexandru Badea was Orpheus, and Public Opinion was Desiree Meiser.)

On April 16, 2002 Wernicke died unexpectedly at age 56 after a short, serious illness in the hospital in Basel. On May 5, 2002 Theater Basel premiered "Israel in Egypt" in the fragmentary form left by Wernicke at his death. He was buried in a cemetery in Auggen, his birth city.

Important productions[edit]