Herbs de Majorca

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Herbs de Majorca
Bottles from Llucmajor, labelled in Spanish, Hierbas and "32% vol." (Alcohol by volume)

Herbs de Majorca (Catalan: Herbes de Mallorca; Spanish: Hierbas Mallorquinas) is a Majorcan herbal liqueur made from anise and other aromatic plants such as camomile, fennel, lemon, lemon verbena, marjoram, mint, orange, and rosemary.[1][2][3]

Green or amber in colour,[1] it is usually served as a digestif, after a meal. Traditionally, dry and sweet varieties are produced. A mixed blend, or "semi", is also made, to suit modern customer tastes.[1] Some bottles have a dried piece of a plant in them.[1]

A form of the generic Hierbas, Herbs de Majorca has a protected designation of origin and can only be made in Majorca.[3]

A common brand is 'Tunel', first produced in 1898.[1]


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