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The Hercules InColor Card (GB222) is an IBM PC compatible graphics controller card released in April 1987 by Hercules Computer Technology, Inc. Besides color it supports software redefinable fonts.[1][2][3]

After the success of the monochrome Hercules Graphics Card (HGC) and Hercules Graphics Card Plus (HGC+) which gained wide developer support, the market was changing with the release of new colour cards which were becoming increasingly affordable. So Hercules released the InColor to compete primarily with IBM's new high-end VGA card, and also the many existing EGA compatible cards on the market. The InColor did not bring the success that Hercules had hoped for, and revenue slowly declined until Hercules was eventually acquired by ELSA in August 1998 for $8.5m USD.

Some compatible games with this card included Karateka, Microsoft Flight Simulator 3, Microsoft Flight Simulator 4, and 3-D Helicopter Simulator.[4]

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