Here Comes That Day

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"Here Comes That Day"
Siouxsie HCTD.jpg
Single by Siouxsie
from the album Mantaray
Released 29 October 2007
Recorded 2007
Genre Pop rock
Length 4:03
Label W14
  • Sioux
  • Noko (Norman Fisher Jones)
  • Kookie (Kim Hoglund)
  • Howard Gray
  • Steve Evans
  • Charlie Jones
Siouxsie singles chronology
"Into a Swan"
"Here Comes That Day"
"About to Happen"

"Here Comes That Day" is a song co-written and recorded by Siouxsie, for her 2007 solo album Mantaray. It was released as the album's second single in the UK on 29 October 2007.[1]

Release and music[edit]

The song was released as a series of 7-inch vinyl singles as well as CD singles and a digital download. The single release contained an instrumental version of the track, as well as a 12-inch single with remixes.

The song has been described by music critics as "pop noir",[2] a "Shirley Bassey-strut",[3] a "brass-festooned swagger",[4] "moody and sultry jazz-tinged number" [5] and a "brassy, withering put-down of some unfortunate, sniveling weasel, whose duplicity is exposed in no short order".[6] "MusicOMH" named "Here Comes That Day" as one of several tracks on Mantaray which should be an "instant hit".[7] The Guardian rated it as one of the singles of the week, describing it as "60s pop, replete with severe and sexy vocals".[8]

"Here Comes That Day" was named "Single of the Week" on BBC Radio 2 on 15 September 2007.[9] Due to its popularity, the track entered the UK singles chart prior to the official release date, peaking at number 93, but failed to remain in the top 100 following the full release of the single, and fell to number 103.

Track list[edit]

7" vinyl[edit]

  1. "Here Comes That Day"
  2. "Here Comes That Day (Instrumental)"

CD single[edit]

  1. "Here Comes That Day"
  2. "Here Comes That Day (FlyKKiller Remix)"
  3. "Here Comes That Day (Freelance Hellraiser Fuzzy Kerbox Remix)"

12" single[edit]

  1. "Here Comes That Day (Freelance Hellraiser Fuzzy Kerbox Remix)"
  2. "Here Comes That Day (Evans & Jones Remix)"


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