Here Comes the Night (The Beach Boys song)

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"Here Comes the Night"
Song by The Beach Boys
from the album Wild Honey
Released December 18, 1967 (1967-12-18)
Recorded October 26, 1967
Studio Brian Wilson's home studio
Genre R&B
Length 2:41
Label Capitol
Producer(s) The Beach Boys

"Here Comes the Night" is a song written by Brian Wilson and Mike Love for the American rock band The Beach Boys. It was originally released on their 1967 album, Wild Honey. In 1979, the song was re-recorded and released on their 1979 album, L.A. (Light Album), as a disco song lasting nearly eleven minutes.


Author Andrew Hickey noted: "This is a rather by-the-numbers song which however manages the interesting trick of having the chorus apparently lose its tonal centre altogether – normally one would have a harmonically simple chorus while the verses are complex, but this has simple verses in C but a chorus whose chords are Cmin, Ab7 and F, which are chords that just should not go together."[1]

1979 disco version[edit]

"Here Comes the Night"
Single by The Beach Boys
from the album L.A. (Light Album)
B-side "Baby Blue"
Released February 19, 1979
Format Vinyl
Genre Disco
Length 10:51 (album)
4:28 (7 single)
Label Brother/Caribou/CBS
Songwriter(s) Brian Wilson
Mike Love
The Beach Boys singles chronology
"Peggy Sue"
"Here Comes the Night"
"Good Timin'"
"Peggy Sue"
"Here Comes the Night"
"Good Timin'"
L.A. (Light Album) track listing

The 1979 disco version of the song, produced by Bruce Johnston and Curt Becher, is over eight minutes longer than the original song. There are five edits of this disco version. The first edit appears on the L.A. (Light Album), while the second edit was released on a 12" single release (Caribou/Brother/CBS 2Z8-9028). The third edit was the B-side of the 12" single, which is a slightly shorter instrumental (backing track) version of the song. The fourth and fifth version of the song is found on the 7" single release (Caribou/Brother/CBS ZS8 9026)(DJ version). Despite the dominance of disco music at the time of song's release, this version of "Here Comes the Night" peaked at #48 on the Disco Top 80 chart.[2]

  • Time: 10 min 51 sec (album version)
  • Time: 10 min 36 sec (12" single edit)
  • Time: 9 min 4 sec (12" instrumental edit)
  • Time: 4 min 28 sec (7" single edit) long version
  • Time: 3 min 18 sec (7" single edit) short version


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