Here I Am (2011 film)

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Here I Am
Directed byBeck Cole
Written byBeck Cole
Produced byKath Shelper
StarringShai Pittman
CinematographyWarwick Thornton
Edited byRoland Gallois
Music byCliff Bradley
Distributed byMadman, Footprint Films, Transmission Films
Release date
  • 26 February 2011 (2011-02-26)
Running time
90 minutes

Here I Am is a 2011 Australian drama film written and directed by Beck Cole.


The film tells the story of a young Aboriginal woman who has been recently released from prison, and wishes to turn her life around.[1] She finds her way to a women's refuge, where she meets a number of other Aboriginal women, all escaping problems, who provide support[2] as she tries to reconnect with her family, including her estranged mother, Lois, and her child, Rosie[3] who is in the care of her grandmother.[2]


The cast includes:[2][4]


Here I Am, a drama,[5] is Beck Cole's debut feature film[6] as writer/director,[1] and Shai Pittman's first acting role. The film was shot around Port Adelaide, with some scenes in Adelaide Women's Prison and almost all of the characters are Aboriginal Australians.[7]

Warwick Thornton, former partner of Cole, was cinematographer,[8] while Roland Gallois did the editing.[2] The production company was Scarlett Pictures, with the main producer being Kath Shelper.[4]

The music is by Cliff Bradley, with additional songs by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, PJ Harvey and others.[7][2][3]


The film premiered at the 2011 Adelaide Film Festival on 26 February 2011,[7] where it received a standing ovation by the audience.[6] It was afterwards distributed by Madman, Footprint Films, and Transmission Films,[7] shown in Australian cinemas from 2 June 2011.[9]

It was shown on ABC Television on 8 December 2011[9] and later shown on SBS Television's streaming service.[3]



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