Here Today (Paul McCartney song)

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This article is about the Paul McCartney song. For The Beach Boys song, see Here Today (The Beach Boys song).
"Here Today"
Song by Paul McCartney from the album Tug of War
Released 26 April 1982
Genre Baroque Pop
Length 2:27
Label Parlophone (UK)
Columbia Records (US)
Writer Paul McCartney
Producer George Martin

"Here Today" is a song by Paul McCartney from his 1982 album Tug of War. McCartney wrote the song about his relationship with and love for John Lennon, who had died less than two years before.[1] He stated the song was composed in the form of an imaginary conversation the pair might have had. The song was produced by The Beatles' producer George Martin. Although not released as a single, the song reached #46 on the Billboard Mainstream Rock charts.[2]

Live performances[edit]

McCartney often performs the song live, and it is featured on the live albums Back in the World, Back in the U.S., and Good Evening New York City.[1]



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