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A hereditary witch is one who is born into a tradition of esoteric origin. These traditions are often not recorded, except maybe in grimoires which are also passed down, but rely primarily on oral and physical tradition.

Hereditary Witches are generational in that their skills in magic are passed down from one generation to another. Most tend to be solitaires with traditional, British, Mexican, Italian, Stegheria, or pecti-witan upbringing. The Hereditary Witch is most common in parts of the world where families live together most of their lives for generations and community services such as education and health services have remained inaccessible over several years such as Africa, the far northern regions of Scotland, remote regions of Ireland and Wales, island provinces such as Bali, etc.

  • In America, Appalachian "granny witches" also pass down their skills and craft to their daughters. So, in this way, many granny witches are also hereditary witches.