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Hereditas (not to be confused with another journal called Heredity) is a scientific journal concerning genetics. It has been published since 1920 by Mendelska sällskapet i Lund (Mendelian Society of Lund).

In 2005, Hereditas changed from a traditional subscription-based journal to become an open access, web based and author funded journal. By the end of 2014, Hereditas terminated its activity with Wiley Publishers. As of May 2015, Hereditas will be re-launched within Biomedical Central (BMC) which is owned by Springer.

Editors-(in-chief): Robert Larsson (1920–1954), Arne Müntzing (1955–1977), Arne Lundqvist (1978–1988), Karl Fredga and Arne Lundqvist (1989–1996), Ulf Gyllensten (1996–2001), Anssi Saura (2002-2011), Stefan Baumgartner (2012-).

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