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For the town in Lori Province, see Garrgarr; for the village in Azerbaijan, see Qarqar, Azerbaijan.

Coordinates: 39°46′24″N 45°32′19″E / 39.77333°N 45.53861°E / 39.77333; 45.53861

Herher Հերհեր is located in Armenia
Herher Հերհեր
Coordinates: 39°46′24″N 45°32′19″E / 39.77333°N 45.53861°E / 39.77333; 45.53861
Marz (Province)Vayots Dzor
 • Total706
Time zoneUTC+4 ( )

Herher (Armenian: Հերհեր; also Romanized as Gerger) is a village in the Vayots Dzor Province of Armenia. It was once a fief of the Orbelian vassals, the Shahurnetsi family in the 13th century. Within the village is a 19th-century church of Saint Gevorg, and south is a shrine of Grigor Lusavorich from 1296 with Saint Gevorg or Chiki Vank of 1297. Southeast one km on a hill is the small Kapuyt Berd ("Blue Fortress"). Upon a hilltop one km northeast is Saint Sion Monastery, first mentioned in the 8th century. At the complex are the churches of Saint Sion and Saint Astvatsatsin. Other sites of historical significance are in close proximity to Herher, such as village ruins with khachkars of the 14th century.

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