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Portal of Klein St. Martin, Cologne
Figure of Gustav von Mevissen (Mitte), Town Hall, Cologne

Heribert Calleen (born Herbert Calleen, 6 March 1924) is a German sculptor and medalist. His oeuvre includes medals and plaques, statues and sculptures, fountains, monuments, memorials, monuments and works of art for the sacred space. A master student of Ludwig Gies, he was from 1954 to 1987 the tomb adviser (Grabmalberater) of Cologne.

Life and work[edit]

Born in Cologne, he was guided by Toni Stockheim a sculpture in 1946. From 1947, he learned stonemasonry in the Cologne cathedral workshop. At the same time he studied sculpture at the Kölner Werkschulen with Wolfgang Wallner and Ludwig Gies.[1] In 1952, he was a master student of Gies, famous for the art of coin cutting. In 1954, he opened his own studio in Cologne and at the same time took over the office of a tomb adviser at the Cologne cemetery administration, which he held until 1987. He designed the Zelter-Plakette in 1956, among others.[2]

Heribert Calleen has two children, publicist and editor Florine Calleen and art historian Justinus Maria Calleen.

Selected works[edit]

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