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Heritage Christian College (also known as Heritage Christian University College) is a Ghanaian university college in the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) system.[1] The vision of HCC is to be the flagship Christian University in Africa for the purpose of advancing the Kingdom of Christ and national development. According to its mission statement, HCC exists as a Christ-centered environment to promote transformative education through active engagement in the teaching-learning interaction, creative pursuits, servant leadership and global competence.[2]

The first students were admitted in Fall of 2015, with the first official graduations expected in Spring of 2019.


Dr. Samuel Twumasi-Ankrah, president and founder of Heritage Christian College, received his master's degree from Abilene Christian University in December 2000. In 2002, he arranged a partnership with ACU to support the development of HCC, a Christian college he intended to create in Ghana.

According to an article in The Christian Chronicle, "A Ghanaian church member bought the land. American church members contributed funds to start the concrete-block buildings, using volunteer labor by church members.

In 2009, HCC was seeking, "national accreditation to offer business and Bible degrees and hopes to add future majors in nursing, education and community development."

"Twumasi-Ankrah and [Royce] Money [ACU's president from 1991-2010] also appeared on national television to promote a business seminar at the Nsawam Road Church [of Christ]."[3]

HCC received its first accreditation on April 1, 2015.[4]


Heritage Christian College is located on a 5.13-acre campus in Accra, Ghana, 12 miles north of the Nsawam Road Church.

According to a 2009 description in The Christian Chronicle, "The lush, green campus, with the first two floors of a planned five-story classroom building constructed, overlooks banana and papaya trees and a soccer field where children play."[3]

Academic Programs[edit]

HCC offers a Bachelor in Theology, and Bachelor of Science in Information Technology.

HCC also offers a Bachelor in Business Administration with the following options:

  • HR Management
  • Accounting
  • Banking and Finance
  • Marketing
  • Information Technology Management[4]

Christian Values[edit]

HCC is affiliated with Churches of Christ and overseen by the Nsawam Road Church, one of the largest churches in Ghana with approximately 1,200 members.[5]

Center for Entrepreneurship, Philanthropy, and Ethics (CEPE)[edit]

Dr. Twumasi-Ankrah, speaking to The Ghanaian Chronicle in 2016, said, "What makes HCUC different is the fact that we want to introduce and promote entrepreneurship in our curriculum and beyond our curriculum we want to even sponsor students and graduates to set up their own businesses."

He added, "At least if we are able to help 25% of our graduates to be self employed, establish their own businesses year after year, we think we would be making a big impact on the higher educational terrain in Ghana."

On March 17, 2018, HCC officially launched its Center for Entrepreneurship, Philanthropy, and Ethics, or CEPE. HCC announced the CEPE as an institute within the school, and HCC's own approach to easing the strain of mass unemployment experienced by Ghanaians, as reported by a 2016 World Bank report.[6] The CEPE is designed to aide in new business creation by developing viable business ventures from within and eventually beyond the HCC community.


The Heritage Christian College Foundation is chaired by Deon Fair, a native of South Africa and current resident of Texas. The HCCF serves HCC's all-Ghanaian board of trustees, and "will draw on assistance from U.S. supporters through the foundation. The goal is, "to help the Ghanaians in achieving self-sustaining status, Lord Willing, within a five-to-eight year window," said Fair to The Christian Chronicle.[7]


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