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Heritage Orchestra is a 30 to 60-piece orchestra that collaborates with present-day artists from the mainstream and experimental worlds of music and art. It is one-of the best known young orchestras in the UK and is currently resident at the De La Warr Pavilion in East Sussex. In 2010, The Heritage Orchestra was nominated in the 9th Independent Music Awards and won the Contemporary Classical Album award for their performance of G. Prokofiev Concerto for Turntables along with DJ Yoda.[1]


Heritage Orchestra was founded in June 2004 by Producer/Manager Christopher Wheeler and Conductor/Composer Jules Buckley. Chris was profiled in 2011 as one of the "cultural engineers" of Honda's Dream Factory.[2]


The ensemble rejects orchestral stereotypes. It is influenced by current art and music, gets inspiration from contemporary culture, is inspired by issues germane to quotidian topics, creates cultural critiques of the curious and constant and takes on sub-cultural trends and the latest technologies. By absorbing what the creative world offers now, the Heritage Orchestra relies not on the historical significance of ‘repertoire’, but on the potential of discovering new experiences for artists and the public. The orchestra has always aimed to work with people that may not have necessarily worked with an orchestra before. When devising programmes they look towards unlikely cohorts that stretch from electronica, dance-music, folk, rock, dubstep, hip-hop, jazz and contemporary classical.[citation needed]

Sound and production[edit]

The orchestra performs using amplification, sound design, and other creative technologies that provide more layers to consider amidst the existing strings, brass, woodwind, percussion, and rhythm section. The ensemble nearly always performs using sound reinforcement, allowing for more flexibility and combinations of sounds. The ensemble also works closely with visual artists and light designers to creative immersive multi-sensory shows. Described as cinematic jazz/funk by outlar.com,[3] they have also been classified as Nu-jazz and Acoustic in nature.[citation needed]

Noted performances[edit]


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