Heritage Property Act (Nova Scotia)

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Heritage Property Act
Photo of Province House, where Nova Scotia's legislature meets and a Provincially Registered Property
Province House, where Nova Scotia's legislature meets, was designated a Provincially Registered Property under the Heritage Property Act in 1983[1]
An Act to Provide for the Identification, Preservation and Protection of Heritage Properties
CitationR.S. 1989, c. 199 (amendments 1991, c. 10; 1998, c. 18, s. 561; 2010, c. 54)
Territorial extentNova Scotia
Enacted byNova Scotia House of Assembly
Date enacted1980

The Heritage Property Act is a provincial statute which allows for the identification, protection and rehabilitation of cultural heritage properties in the province of Nova Scotia, Canada.[2]

The Act offers five types of protection:

  1. Provincial Registry of Heritage Properties (a list of properties designated by the provincial Minister of Communities, Culture and Heritage as possessing provincially significant heritage value);
  2. Provincial Cultural Landscape (a cultural landscape listed on the Provincial Registry);
  3. Municipal Registries of Heritage Properties (a list of properties which the local municipality has determined have a local or community level of heritage value);
  4. Municipal Heritage Conservation Districts (a specific area within a municipality having unique heritage value and subject to regulations intended to ensure the preservation of the district's character while accommodating new development); and
  5. Municipal Cultural Landscapes (a cultural landscape listed on a Municipal Registry).[3]

The Heritage Property Act was first enacted in 1980, and was subject to amendments in 1991, 1998 and 2010.[2]

Nova Scotia also has related legislation to protect archaeological and natural sites (the "Special Places Protection Act") and to protect burial plots and cemeteries (the "Cemeteries Protection Act").[3]

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