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Heritage Records was a London, England record label, founded in 1960 by Tony Standish, specialising in blues and early jazz recordings. Only 9 completed LPs are known to exist on this label - as well as 1 unfinished LP by Smith Casey in 1963 which didn't reach the release stage. The rarity of this label is compounded by the fact that most LPs on the label were only issued as limited editions (99 copies), which makes finding any of them very hard indeed. The label was catalogued from HLP 1001 through to HLP 1011 - though as yet, HLP 1009, and HLP 1010 remain undiscovered. In 1963 Tony Standish returned to his native Australia and opened his Heritage Records shop above Frank Traynor's Folk Club in Melbourne. Because of this the Heritage label is often mistakenly thought of as an Australian label, when in fact the label and all its releases were based in London, England.

Besides re-issuing pre World War II blues recordings of Blind Blake, Papa Charlie Jackson, Blind Lemon Jefferson, Ramblin' Thomas and others; it released contemporary recordings of Lightnin' Hopkins with his brother Joel, Snooks Eaglin, Buster Pickens, Black Ace, and Maxwell Street blues artists such as Blind Jim Brewer and Arvella Gray.

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