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Renovated Memorial Hall in Philadelphia. (2010)
New York Mercantile Exchange, 628 Broadway, Manhattan, New York City

Herman J. Schwarzmann (1846, Munich, Bavaria – 1891, New York City[1]), also known as Hermann J. Schwarzmann or H. J. Schwarzmann,[2] was a German-born American architect who practiced in Philadelphia and later in New York City.

Early life[edit]

Before emigrating to the United States in 1868,[3] Schwarzmann graduated from the Royal Military Academy in Munich, and was commissioned a lieutenant in the Bavarian Army.[1]


Schwarzmann began working for the Fairmount Park Commission in 1869, and in 1873[3] worked on landscaping the grounds of the Philadelphia Zoo.[4] He was the chief architect for the Centennial Exposition of 1876, designing Memorial Hall, Horticultural Hall, and other buildings.[4]

Beginning in 1876, Schwarzmann attempted to go into private architectural practice, but was unsuccessful in Philadelphia.[3]

New York City[edit]

Schwarzmann moved to New York City and was successful there, achieving national prominence,[5] and working until his retirement in 1888.[1] He designed the New York Mercantile Exchange building in 1882.



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