Herman Schopp

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Herman Schopp
Born 28 June 1899
Radzichower, Austria (now Radziejów, Poland)
Died August 8, 1954 (age 55)
Santa Marinella, Italy
Nationality US
Occupation cinematographer
Known for work with Frank Buck

Herman Schopp (born 28 June 1899 Radzichower, Austria (now Radziejów, Poland); died August 8, 1954, Santa Marinella, Italy, age 55) was a cinematographer of the Frank Buck serial Jungle Menace.[1]

Early years[edit]

Schopp was born in Radzichower, Austria (now Radziejów, Poland). He immigrated to the US (New York City) 29 August 1907.


Schopp was cinematographer of The Mysterious Pilot, Son of Ingagi, The Secret of Treasure Island, and many other films.[2][3] He was a World War II veteran.

Work with Frank Buck[edit]

In 1937, Schopp was a cinematographer of the Frank Buck serial Jungle Menace.


Schopp died of heart failure while filming an Errol Flynn movie, Il Maestro di Don Giovanni, in Santa Marinella, Italy.[4] A brother and a sister survived him. His ashes are interred in Beth Olam Cemetery in Los Angeles.[5]


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