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Baron Herman Severin Løvenskiold. Copenhagen, Denmark. circa 1860

Baron Herman Severin Løvenskiold (30 July 1815 – 5 December 1870) was a Norwegian composer, most noted for his score for August Bournonville's 1836 version of the ballet La Sylphide for the Royal Danish Ballet in Copenhagen.[1]


Herman Severin Løvenskiold was born at Ulefoss in the municipality Nome, Norway. He was the son of Eggert Christopher Løvenskiold (1788–1861), director of the Ulefos Iron Works. In 1829, his family moved to Denmark. He was trained in music by composer Peter Casper Krossing. He also went abroad where he studied in Vienna, Leipzig and St. Petersburg. Following his return to Denmark, he composed music for a number of dramatic works at the Royal Danish Theatre. From 1851, he was the organist at Christiansborg Castle Church (Christiansborg Slotskirke) on Slotsholmen in Copenhagen. This church, which dated from 1738-1742, was frequently attended by members of the Danish Royal Family. [2][3][4]

Notable works[edit]

  • La Sylphide, ballet, 1836
  • Hulen i Kullafjeld, Singspiel, 1839
  • The New Penelope, ballet, 1847
  • Turandot, opera, 1854
  • Fra skoven ved Furesø, Concert Overture, 1863 (Op. 29)
  • Piano Quartet in F minor, Op. 26[5]
  • "Ouverture til drammaet Konning Volmer og Havfruen", Op. 20[6] (published 1848 by Hornemann & Erslev)[7]


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Related Reading[edit]

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