Herman of Valaam

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Modern (20th century) icon of Saints Sergius and Herman of Valaam, with New Valamo Monastery in the background. At the top in a mandorla is the Transfiguration, feast day of the monastery.

Herman of Valaam - a saint of the Russian Orthodox Church. Herman of Valaam together with Sergius of Valaam are considered to be the founders of the Valaam Monastery.[1] The exact time of the monastery establishment is unknown and referred to the period from 10th to 15th century.

The saint preached Christianity to the tribes of Karelia in the North of the present Russia and led other missionary activities.[2][3]

Herman of Valaam, by different sources was of Karelian or Greek origin.

The memory of saints Herman of Valaam and Sergius of Valaam is commemorated by the Russian Orthodox Church on July, 11th, see June 28 (Eastern Orthodox liturgics).


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