Hermann Bischoff

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Hermann Bischoff
Born(1868-01-07)7 January 1868
Died25 January 1936(1936-01-25) (aged 68)

Hermann Bischoff (7 January 1868 in Duisburg – 25 January 1936 in Berlin)[1] was a German composer of classical music.

After leaving Leipzig to continue his first studies of music, he met Richard Strauss and fell in with his circle.[2]

Bischoff's two symphonies have been recorded on the record label Classic Produktion Osnabrück, along with a 1926 Introduction und Rondo. His first symphony, dedicated to Strauss[3] was performed (premiered?) in Essen on 24 May 1906, as part of the 42nd Tonkünstler-Festival, the same festival that saw the premiere of Gustav Mahler's Sixth Symphony.[4]


  • Two symphonies
    • No. 1 in E major (published in 1906)[5]
    • No. 2 in D minor (1910, premiered 1911, published 1914 by F.E.C. Leuckart)[6][7]
  • Other works with Orchestra
    • Introduction and Rondo for Orchestra (1926)
  • Various Songs with Piano (e.g. Op. 3, Op. 6, Op. 7, Op.15[8]) and with Orchestral Accompaniment


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