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Hermann Hauser Sr. (born in Erding, 28 December 1882–died Reisbach, 28 October 1952) was a German luthier. He worked in Munich and later in the Bavarian Reisbach. Guitar models by Hermann Hauser Sr. included the Vienna Model and the Munich Model, the Terz-Guitar, the Prim-Guitar and the Fifth-Bass Guitar (Quintbass). Hauser found his own style by orienting at the constructions of Antonio de Torres. Today the Hermann Hauser Sr. Guitar, which was played by Andres Segovia from 1937 to 1970, is in the inventory of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York.[1] The British guitarist and lute player Julian Bream played Hermann Hauser Sr. guitars built 1936 and 1947.

Hauser’s son, Hermann Hauser II (1911–1988) and grandson, Hermann Hauser III (born in 1958) have continued the master luthier’s tradition.

Together with the Munich entrepreneur, producer and guitarist Klaus Wolfgang Wildner, Hermann Hauser III established in 2005 the non-profit organization of the civil right, Hermann Hauser Guitar Foundation. The foundation is dedicated to Hermann Hauser Sr.[2]


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