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Hermann Huppen

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BornHermann Huppen
(1938-07-17) 17 July 1938 (age 85)
Malmedy, Belgium
Area(s)Artist, writer
Notable works
Les Tours de Bois-Maury
Bernard Prince
Awardsfull list

Hermann Huppen (born 17 July 1938) is a Belgian comic book creator. He is better known under his pen-name Hermann. He is most famous for his post-apocalyptic comic Jeremiah which was made into a television series.


Hermann was born in 1938 in Bévercé (now a part of Malmedy) in Liège Province.[1] After studying to become a furniture maker and working as interior architect, Hermann made his debut as comic book artist in 1964 in the Franco-Belgian comics magazine Spirou with a four-page story. Greg noticed his talent and offered him to work for his studio. In 1966, he began illustrating the Bernard Prince series written by Greg, published in Tintin magazine. In 1969, also in collaboration with Greg, he began the western series Comanche. This appeared at the same time as other western series such as Blueberry.

Hermann began writing his own stories in 1977, starting the post-apocalyptic Jeremiah series, which is still produced today. In the same period, he also made three albums of Nick, inspired by Little Nemo in Slumberland, for Spirou.[1] In 1983 he began a new series, Les Tours de Bois-Maury, which is set in the Middle Ages and is less focused on action than his other works.

Hermann has also created many non-series graphic novels sometimes together with his son Yves H. One of them, Lune de Guerre, with a story by Jean Van Hamme, was later filmed as The Wedding Party [de] by Dominique Deruddere.[2]

Hermann is characterized by a realistic style and stories that are both somber and angry, with a sense of disillusion with regards to the human character in general, and current society more specifically.[1]


- nominated for Best Drawing at the Haxtur Awards
  • 1999: nominated for Best Drawing and Best Cover at the Haxtur Awards
  • 2001: Best Drawing at the Haxtur Awards
- nominated for Best Short Comic Strip and Best Script at the Haxtur Awards
  • 2002: Grand Prix Saint-Michel
- nominated for Best Short Comic Strip and Best Drawing at the Haxtur Awards

Selected bibliography[edit]

All of these comics have been published in French, Dutch and German: other translations are noted in the "remarks" column.

Series Years Volumes Written by Editor Remarks
Bernard Prince 1969–1980,


14 Greg and

Yves H. (Vol. 18)

Le Lombard and Dargaud Translated into German;[4] Translated into Danish;[5] Translated into Serbian; Translated into Swedish;[6] Translated into Tamil by Lion Comics; Translated into Polish.

Volumes 1-13 (Greg/Hermann), volumes 14-15 (Greg/Danny), volumes 16-17 (Greg/Aidan), volume 18 (Hermann/Yves H.)

Comanche 1972–1983 10 Greg Le Lombard and Dargaud Continued by Rouge for five more stories; Translated into Serbian; Translated into Tamil by Lion Comics; Translated into Polish
Jugurtha 1975–1977 2 Vernal RTP, Le Lombard and Dargaud
Jeremiah 1979- 39 Hermann Fleurus, Edi-3, Novedi, Hachette, and Dupuis Translated into Serbian; translated into Polish; volumes 1 & 4 translated into English and published by Fantagraphics in 1983 under the titles The Survivors: Talons of Blood and The Survivors: The Eyes That Burned; Jeremiah 13: Strike published by Catalan Communications in 1990. Jeremiah: Gun in the Water and Jeremiah: Mercenaries published by Strip Art Features (SAF) in 2002 and 2003. A new series began in March 2012, collecting 3 of the original French language tomes in each hardcover edition; the series is being simultaneously published in English (as The Jeremiah Omnibus by SAF and Dark Horse Comics), German (as Jeremiah Integrale by Kult Editionen), Italian (as Jeremiah. Ediz. integrale by Linea Chiara), and Spanish (as Jeremiah Integral by Planeta DeAgostini Cómics).
Alerte aux pirates 1980 1 Yves Duval and Step Bédéscope
Les Dalton 1980 1 Yves Duval Bédéscope
Hey, Nick! Are you dreaming 1981–1983 3 Morphée Dupuis Translated into English by SAF Comics 2003
Les Tours de Bois-Maury (The Towers of Bois-Maury) 1984–2021 16 Hermann (vols 12-15 written by Yves H.) Glénat Translated into Danish, Serbocroatian and Polish, published in English by Titan Books[4]

Volumes 1 published in English by Titan Books 1984; Volumes 1 & 2 published in English by Titan Books 1989; Volumes 1-3 translated into English by Catalan Communications 1990 and Volumes 1 and 2 republished by SAF Comics in 2002.

Volumes 11-15 are named Bois-Maury, as opposed to the original naming of the first 10 volumes.

Abominations 1988 1 Hermann Glénat Published in English in 1990 by Catalan Communications[4]
Missié Vandisandi 1991 1 Hermann Dupuis
Sarajevo Tango 1995 1 Hermann Dupuis The first book Hermann made in direct color.
Le secret des hommes-chiens 1995 1 Yves Huppen Dupuis First collaboration with his son Yves
Caatinga 1997 1 Hermann Le Lombard
Wild bill is Dead 1999 1 Hermann Dupuis Translated into English by SAF Comics 2003
Liens de sang 2000 1 Yves H. Le Lombard Published in English by Dark Horse Comics[4]
Lune de guerre 2000 1 Jean Van Hamme Dupuis Translated into Polish.
Manhattan Beach 1957 2002 1 Yves H. Le Lombard Translated into English by SAF Comics 2003
Zhong Guo 2003 1 Yves H. Dupuis
The girl from Ipanema 2005 1 Yves H. Le Lombard Translated to Danish
Sur les traces de Dracula : Vlad l'empaleur 2006 1 Yves H. Casterman Translated to Danish; Translated into Serbian
La vie exagérée de l'Homme Nylon 2007 1 Hans-Michael Kirstein Le Lombard
Afrika 2007 1 Hermann Le Lombard Danish translation by Faraos Cigarer

Translated into English by SAF Comics and published in USA by Dark Horse 2012[7]
Le diable des sept mers 2008–2009 2 Yves H. Dupuis
Une nuit de pleine lune 2011 1 Yves H. Glénat
Retour au Congo 2013 1 Yves H. Glénat
Station 16 2014 1 Yves H. Le Lombard Translated into Polish.
Sans pardon 2015 1 Yves H. Le Lombard Translated into Polish.
Old Pa Anderson 2016 1 Yves H. Le Lombard
Le Passeur 2016 1 Yves H. Dupuis .
Duke 2017- 7 Yves H. Le Lombard


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