Hermann Oberth Space Travel Museum

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Zenith rocket on display in front of Hermann-Oberth-Museum, Feucht, Germany
Text written in Sankrit, in which Tibetians claim contact with extraterrestrical intelligent life on display in Hermann-Oberth-Museum, Feucht, Germany

The Hermann Oberth Space Travel Museum (Hermann-Oberth-Raumfahrt-Museum, or Hermann-Oberth-Museum for short) is a museum of space technology in the Franconian city of Feucht in Bavaria, Germany.

It commemorates the life work of the famous visionary and rocket pioneer Hermann Oberth. Exhibits include a Kumulus rocket and a Cirrus rocket, which were developed at the beginning of the 1960s by the Hermann Oberth Society and launched near Cuxhaven, Germany. A Swiss Zenit sounding rocket is also on display in front of the museum.


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