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Hermann Rudolph Schaum (29 April 1819 in Glauchau (formerly Glachau) – 15 September 1865 in Bonn) was a professor in Berlin and an entomologist. He specialised in Coleoptera.

Up until 1847, he worked as a general practitioner in Stettin, afterwards traveling to England, North America and Egypt, where he accumulated an impressive collection of insects. He later served as a professor of entomology at the University of Berlin. On September 15, 1865, he died in Bonn from consequences of a stroke.[1]

The beetle species Diochus schaumi is named after him.[2] Schaum was a Member of the Entomological Society of Stettin.

Selected works[edit]

  • "Analecta entomologica", 1841.
  • Verzeichniss der Lamellicornia mélitophila, 1841.
  • "Catalogus coleopterorum Europae", 1852 - Catalog of European Coleoptera.
  • Naturgeschichte der Insecten Deutschlands, (from 1860, with Wilhelm Ferdinand Erichson, Ernest August Hellmuth von Kiesenwetter and Ernst Gustav Kraatz) - Natural history of German entomology.
  • Necrophilus arenarius Roux, die mutmassliche Larve von Nemoptera, 1860 - "Necrophilus arenarius", the alleged larvae of Nemoptera.
  • "Descriptions of four new genera of Carabidae" (English translation in 1863).
  • "Contributions to the knowledge of the Cicindelidae of tropical Asia containing descriptions of new species, a list of those hitherto described, and synonymical notes, (English translation in 1866).[3]


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