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Hermann Schridde (3 July 1937, in Celle – 18 May 1985 in Meißendorf, near Winsen) was a German equestrian.

Schridde won the German show jumping championship in 1960.[1]

Schridde was a show jumper at the 1964 Summer Olympics for the United Team of Germany. He won a gold medal in the team event and a silver medal in the individual event.[2] In 1965, he won the European Show Jumping Championships in Aachen riding Dozent. At the 1968 Summer Olympics, he won a bronze medal in the team event, riding for West Germany. He qualified for West Germany for the 1972 Summer Olympics, but withdrew, and founded a private school for parachutists in Meißendorf.[1]

He was appointed German federal show jumping trainer in 1980, and held the post until his death from an aircraft crash in 1985.[1]

Olympic medal record
Representing  Germany
Gold medal – first place 1964 Tokyo Individual jumping
Silver medal – second place 1964 Tokyo Team jumping
Representing  West Germany
Bronze medal – third place 1968 Mexico City Team Competition


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