Hermann Wesselink College

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Hermann Wesselink College
Hermann Wesselink College.png
The school in 2006, during the construction of a new parking lot for bikes.
Startbaan 3, 1185 XP Amstelveen, Noord-Holland, The Netherlands
Coordinates 52°17′15″N 4°51′20″E / 52.2875°N 4.8556°E / 52.2875; 4.8556Coordinates: 52°17′15″N 4°51′20″E / 52.2875°N 4.8556°E / 52.2875; 4.8556
Founded 1963
Founder Hermann Wesselink
Head teacher Dhr. Kozijn
Pupils 1600

The Hermann Wesselink College is a secondary school in The Netherlands in Amstelveen.

The school is named after Hermann Wesselink, a school principal who died at an early age, soon after retirement. The motto of the school is; "A school where everybody is equal but nobody is the same". In 2009 the school has around 1600 students. The school offers vmbo, havo, vwo (atheneum and gymnasium), and in recent years bilingual education (IB Diploma in English at A2 level).

According to the "onderwijsinspectie", the Dutch school inspection, the results are what could be expected from these students.

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