Hermes of Philippopolis

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Hermes of Philippopolis was one of the Seventy Disciples and was bishop in Philippopolis in Thrace (today's Plovdiv, Bulgaria). The Shepherd of Hermas is also traditionally ascribed to him. He is referenced in Romans 16:14, and his feast day is celebrated on May 31, on November 5 with Apostles Patrobas, Linus, Gaius, and Philologos, and on January 4 among the Seventy.


He was wealthy, but fell into poverty because of sin and the sins of his sons.[citation needed] He was thus supposedly visited by an angel of repentance, who is said to have stayed with him until the end of his life, during which time he wrote The Shepherd of Hermas[citation needed] He ended his life as a martyr.


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Writings by Hermas

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