Hermon Carey Bumpus

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Hermon Carey Bumpus (May 5, 1862 – June 21, 1943)[1] was a biologist, museum director, and the fifth president of Tufts College (later Tufts University).

Early life and education[edit]

Hermon Carey Bumpus was born in Buckfield, Maine in 1862 and received a Ph.B. from Brown University in 1884, specializing in biology and science. He began graduate work at Brown before teaching at Olivet College. Bumpus received his Ph.D. from Clark University in 1891 and then became a professor of comparative zoology at Brown. Bumpus received an honorary Doctor of Science from Tufts in 1905 and an honorary LL.D. from Clark in 1909. He directed the Marine Biological Laboratory at Woods Hole, the U.S. Bureau of Fisheries laboratory, also at Woods Hole, and the American Museum of Natural History. Subsequently, he served as business manager of the University of Wisconsin.

Career at Tufts[edit]

Bumpus became president of Tufts University in 1915, and was the first Tufts president who was not a Universalist; he had been chosen specifically because of his educational and administrative experience. He served president until 1919.


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