Hernán Zin

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Hernán Zin
Zin in Ethiopa, July 2007
Born1971 (age 49–50)
Nationality Argentina
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Hernán Zin (born 1971) is a war correspondent, writer and filmmaker of Italian-Argentinian origin based in Madrid, Spain.[1] Since 1994, he has traveled around the globe directing documentary films and writing books and articles. He has worked in more than 80 countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America. War, poverty and human rights are the main subjects of his work.[2][3] Zin's last four documentary films have been premiered by Netflix worldwide.[4]

He is the son of Italian senator Claudio Zin and once dated the Grammy Award-winning Spanish singer Bebe.[5] He is the founder of Doc Land Films.


  • Madrid Resists (2020)
  • Plastic Drama (2020)
  • Dying to Tell (2018)
  • Born in Syria (2017)
  • Bandoliers (2017)
  • 10 Years with Bebe (2016)
  • Matadoras (2015)
  • 10 Elephants (2015)
  • Born in Gaza (2014)
  • War Against Women (2013)
  • I Want to be Messi (2013)
  • Slum World (2010)


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