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Herne station
Through station
Herne trainstation e&n.jpg
Herne station seen from the bus station
Location Herne, North Rhine-Westphalia
Coordinates 51°32′37″N 7°13′4″E / 51.54361°N 7.21778°E / 51.54361; 7.21778Coordinates: 51°32′37″N 7°13′4″E / 51.54361°N 7.21778°E / 51.54361; 7.21778
Platforms 4
Other information
Station code 2722
DS100 code EHER
Category 4
Website www.bahnhof.de
Opened 1914
Herne bus station
The stained glass window on the eastern side of the concourse

Herne station was opened in the inner city of Herne in the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia in 1847 together with the Cologne-Minden trunk line. It was located between the village of Herne, which had about 1,000 inhabitants, and the moated castle of Schloss Strünkede and was south of the current station on Von-der-Heydt-Strasse. It soon had a connection to the more southerly city of Bochum, which until 14 years later did not have its own station. For this reason the station was called Herne-Bochum until 1855.

The station building[edit]

The Cologne-Minden Railway Company opened a station in 1847. It was demolished in 1911 to make way for the current building, which was built by the Prussian state railways in 1914.[1] It was modernised in 1970, the dome over the entrance hall was hidden above a suspended ceiling, the windows were removed and the window openings were bricked up. As part of a project called Internationale Bauausstellung (international building exhibition) Emscher Park, it was given a proper restoration, beginning in 1990. The dome was opened up, the windows were reinstalled and the former 3rd class waiting room, which had been sealed off, was opened up again for special events. The room that housed the Bummelzug cafe until December 2008 has been a fast food restaurant since late 2009. The building also houses a bakery, a kiosk, a lottery counter and a book and magazine store.[2]

The stained glass window[edit]

Above the eastern entrance to the station concourse is a semi-circular, stained glass window divided by four pillars into five sections. The window is by the Herne artist Jupp Gesing and represents aspects of the former Friedrich der Große (Frederick the Great) colliery, which was nearby. It includes a harbour crane, a canal bridge, buildings and chimneys of the mine, two head frames, cooling towers, slag heaps and colliery village houses. The windows were first installed in 1953 and were donated by the Friedrich der Große colliery.[2]

Rail services[edit]

Today Herne station is served by the Rhein-Emscher-Express (RE 3), running every hour between Hamm and Düsseldorf.[3] The Emschertal-Bahn also runs every hour between Dortmund and Dorsten.[4] S-Bahn line S2 runs every twenty minutes to and from Dortmund, with one continuing each hour from Herne to each of Duisburg, Essen and Recklinghausen.[5]

Line Line name Route
RE 3 Rhein-Emscher-Express DüsseldorfDuisburgOberhausenGelsenkirchenHerneDortmundHamm (Westf)
RB 43 Emschertal-Bahn DorstenWanne-EickelHerne – Dortmund
S 2 Rhine-Ruhr S-Bahn ((Duisburg / Essen –) Gelsenkirchen ) / RecklinghausenHerne – Dortmund

In addition, Herne station is a major hub for public transport. The following lines stop and start here: express bus line 20 of Vestische Straßenbahnen (Recklinghausen buses) and city bus lines 303, 311, 312, 323, 333, 362 and 367 of Straßenbahn Herne–Castrop-Rauxel and bus line 390 of BOGESTRA. Located just to the northeast of the station is the underground station of U 35 of the Bochum Stadtbahn, operated by BOGESTRA.


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