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Hero TV logo 2015.png
Logo used since 2015
Launched 1 October 2005 (First official broadcast)
12 November 2005 (Official launch)
Network ABS-CBN
Owned by Creative Programs, Inc.
an ABS-CBN company
Picture format 480i (SDTV)
Slogan Dahil sa HERO, Bida Ka Rito! 10 years #heroat10 (Because in HERO, You're the Star)
Country Philippines
Language Filipino
Broadcast area Nationwide
Headquarters Quezon City, Philippines
Sister channel(s) ABS-CBN News Channel, Balls, DZMM TeleRadyo, Cinema One, Jeepney TV, Knowledge Channel, Lifestyle Network, Myx
Website http://www.myheronation.com
SkyCable (Metro Manila, Cavite, Laguna, Bulacan, Rizal) Channel 44 (Digital)
Destiny Cable (Metro Manila) Channel 44 (Digital)
SkyCable (Laoag, Vigan, Tuguegarao, Baguio, Dagupan, Pampanga, Batangas, Lucena City. Palawan, Naga, Legazpi, Iriga) Channel 106 (Digital)
SkyCable (Kalibo, Roxas, Iloilo, Bacolod, Cebu, Dumaguete, Tacloban, Zamboanga, Dipolog, Pagadian, Butuan, Surigao, Iligan, Cagayan De Oro, Davao, General Santos, Cotabato) Channel 106 (Digital)
SPC-New World CATV (San Jose del Monte and Marilao, Bulacan) Channel 26
Telmarc Cable (Rizal, Laguna and Tarlac) Channel 23
Royal Cable (Santa Rosa City, Cabuyao City, and Calamba City, Laguna) Channel 35
Kalibo Cable (Kalibo, Aklan, and Antique) Channel 16
Parasat Cable TV (Cagayan de Oro) Channel 118 (Digital)

Hero (sometimes referred to as Hero TV) is a Filipino cable television network based in Quezon City. It is owned and operated by Creative Programs, Inc., a subsidiary of the media conglomerate ABS-CBN Corporation. Its programming is composed primarily of Filipino-dubbed anime aimed at young audiences.

It is currently available in SkyCable and other 200 cable providers throughout the country.

Anime shown on the channel[edit]

Logos used from 2005 to 2014. Top logo was used until May 2010, when the center logo was used until April 2013 and the bottom logo used until December 2014. All logos are actually similar with the removal of the black outline from the second version and the addition of a backdrop graffiti design with indent slogan and thin black outline to the third version.

Much of the content in Hero is attributed to the fact that Creative Programs Inc's parent company ABS-CBN (through its main network) has produced numerous dubs of anime years before the launch of Hero, as well as maintained an ANIMAX airing block for quite sometime. Aside from those, the channel also airs anime that have not yet seen in any terrestrial or cable channel shown in the Philippines prior to its first showing in the channel, such as Mirmo de Pon!.

The channel also once featured anime dubbed by Telesuccess, Inc., supplier for most of the anime aired on ABS-CBN's rival GMA 7, before transferring them all to TeleAsia. Some of these are Love Hina, Rune Soldier, and Shaman King.[1] Others seen in the channel were previously shown in English on Cartoon Network's Philippine feed (e.g. Crush Gear Turbo) or, in the case of Zettai Muteki Raijin-Oh, on government-controlled RPN 9 (now known as 9TV).[2]

Furthermore, the channel features re-dubs, i.e. it produced its own dubbed version of anime which previously were already dubbed in Tagalog. Examples of these are Mon Colle Knights, Metal Fighter Miku, Zenki, The Slayers, and Voltes V.

In 2011, undubbed anime was introduced to the channel with accompanying Filipino-language subtitles in the form of Yu-Gi-Oh! The Movie: Pyramid of Light and the Initial D Extra Stage OVA. The reason for airing these two anime features in their original Japanese audio is not known.

In the Summer of 2012, HERO began to greatly increase its lineup of new titles, starting with Yu-Gi-Oh! 5Ds, Toaru Kagaku no Railgun, Naruto Shippuden, Hanasaku Iroha and Shiki; as well as airing the first two series of the Sailor Moon franchise, and a more complete version of the Aniplex-produced Jigoku Shoujo. Except for Sailor Moon, Jigoku Shoujo and Toaru Kagaku no Railgun, all of these titles have never been aired on ANIMAX before (ANIMAX airs Railgun and Sailor Moon in other territories).

Non-anime programs[edit]

Although the channel prides itself as an anime channel, some of the programs it aired were non-anime. They are Mission Odyssey and Shadow of the Elves, both produced by the Berliner Film Companie, and the tokusatsu or live-action shows The Gransazers, Masked Rider Ryuki, and Shaider. As of the present, all five programs mentioned have been pulled out of the program rotation.

The following programs joined and will join these five programs as non-anime programs shown on Hero:

Tokusatsu programs[edit]

Asian animation programs[edit]

  • BASToF Lemon (Korean animation series)
  • Bubbles (小鲤鱼历险记 Xiǎo Lǐ Yú Lì Xiǎn Jì, a.k.a. The Adventures of Little Carp, Chinese animation series)
  • Mix Master (Korean animation series)
  • Chess Master (象棋王 Xiàng Qí Wáng, Chinese animation series)
  • Tank Knights Portriss (a.k.a. Tank Knights Fortress, Korean - Japanese animation series)
  • Shen Bing Kids (神兵小将 Shén Bīng Xiǎo Jiàng, Chinese animation series)
  • Big Mouth Dudu (大嘴巴嘟嘟 Dà Zuǐ Bā Dū Dū, Chinese animation series)
  • Mask Man (마스크맨 Maseukeumaen, Korean animation series)
  • Wings of Dragon (스피드왕 번개 Seupideuwang Beongae, Korean animation series)
  • The Legend of Ne Zha (哪吒传奇 Né Zhā Chuán Qí , Chinese animation series)
  • AI Football GGO (超智能足球 Chāo Zhì Néng Zú Qiú, Chinese animation series)
  • Super Inggo at ang Super Tropa (Philippine animation series)
  • New Attacker You! (Chinese remake of the 1980s anime/manga Attacker You!; Japanese title: 続・アタッカーYOU 金メダルへの道 (Zoku Atakkā You Kin Medaru e no Michi?))
  • Crystal Warrior (水晶戰士 Shuǐjīng Zhànshì, Chinese animation series)
  • Jackie Chan's Fantasia (奇幻龙宝 Qíhuàn Lóngbǎo, Chinese animation series)
  • Galaxia Bots (宇宙星神 Yǔzhòu Xīng Shén, Chinese CGI animation series)
  • Dragon Force (鋼鐵飛龍 Gāngtiě Fēilóng, Chinese CGI animation series)
  • Tai Chi Chasers (태극천자문 Taegeuk Cheonjamun, Korean animation series)

Anime-style western animation programs[edit]

Non-anime-style western animation programs[edit]

HERO-produced programs[edit]

  • G³ (G-cubed) ("Games, Gigs, and Gadgets," a locally produced technology program)
  • Animenutes (a locally produced anime news and information program)
  • Level Up TV (a show for online gamers)
  • My Hero Nation (a locally produced anime news and information program)

Program blocks[edit]


Below are Hero's television blocks, past and present (past ones are marked with an asterisk):

  • Kids' Squad (formerly Ohayoo Hero!) is a block which features anime meant to be watched by children.
  • Shoujo Power (formerly Girl Power) is a block of programs that feature women as heroines.
  • Dream Team is a sport-themed block.
  • League of Heroes is a block which features the channel's most prominent anime characters, mostly those targeted at boys.
  • Mighty Metal Squad is a mecha-themed block devoted to robot-centric anime.
  • Super Patrol Force (formerly Super Sentai Showdown and Saturday Super Sentai) is a program block which features tokusatsu shows.
  • Theatrixx is the channel's weekend movie block which shows a different anime movie or OVA. It was also a weekday block from mid-May to mid-July 2008. Upon its return in 2011, it also became the first block to show programs in their original audio (Japanese with Tagalog subtitles for anime movies/OVAs and English for Hollywood animations).

Past Shows[edit]

  • Hero Anime Laugh Strip was a weekend block of programs that featured family-themed comedy anime shows.
  • Food Fantasy Face-off was a food-themed weekday block which featured Yakitate!! Japan and Mister Ajikko.

Local short segments[edit]

In between shows or commercial breaks, the channel produced short segments for the viewers' pleasure.

  • Dubber's Cut gives a dubber's insight on a certain anime that is being worked on.
  • Hero In Tunes (formerly AniMYX and Hero in Tune) shows anime mini-music videos (actually random montage clips) which follow the karaoke-cum-music video style of sister music channel MYX.
  • Hero We Go is a catch-all segment which either features events or anime-related interviews.
  • Hero Alert announces upcoming major events related to anime, manga, and cosplay.
  • I-Animate is a special segment that features Filipino-produced animated shorts.
  • Comics On Cam is a special segment that features winning entries of Filipino-produced comics competitions using limited animation.

Past segments include:

  • Gimme/5 was a short segment that lists down the top five of anything from a particular anime series.
  • Hero Says featured short interviews with experts on focused subjects. Topics touched upon on this segment were voice dubbing, sports, traditional animation, comics, and cosplay.
  • Hero Notes gave short anime/manga-related trivia.
  • Hall of Heroes comprehensively profiled a certain anime character.
  • Anime 101 was the anime fans' information guide on anime fandom and dubbing.
  • Stars on Hero was actually a promotion skit done by various celebrities, usually those from ABS-CBN.
  • Hero's Choice recommended places for viewers to visit and enjoy (hence a travel guide).
  • Hero Solutions which asked random people about their "hero solutions" to existing problems.
  • Dream On featured a viewer living out his ambition or dream job for a short period of time.
  • Villa of Villains a special Halloween segment which was the exact opposite of Hall of Heroes. It showed a profile of a certain anime villain.
  • Great Hero Otaku Adventure is a three- to four-minute mini-series about the adventures and misadventures of a Filipino anime otaku named Ito trying to win the heart of his crush Noriko and dealing with a bully named Randy.

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