Hero Happy Hour

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Hero Happy Hour
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Publication information
Publisher GeekPunk
Publication date 2002 – present
Number of issues 5
Creative team
Writer(s) Dan Taylor
Lance Karutz
James Denning
Dan Wickline
Neil Kleid
James Patrick
Scott Morse
Jim Keplinger
Jeffery Stevenson
Steve Niles
Jon Hook
C. G. Kirby
Artist(s) Chris Fason
Jim Mahfood
Scott Morse
Brandon "Ragnar" Johnson
Dave Crosland
Aaron Sowd
Brett Weldele
Neil Vokes
D. J. Coffman
Diego Jourdan
Ben Templesmith
John Schuler
Cal Slayton
Letterer(s) Kathleen Marinaccio
Jason Hanley
Anthony Schiavino
Jim Keplinger
Colorist(s) Brandon J. Carr
Michael Russell
Creator(s) Dan Taylor
Chris Fason
Collected editions
Hero Happy Hour: Heroic Edition ISBN 0-557-18579-3

Hero Happy Hour is an American comic book co-created by writer Dan Taylor and artist Chris Fason. Like The Tick and, less satirically, Watchmen it takes place in a universe of vaguely familiar costumed crime fighters. All stories unfold in First City at The Hideout Bar & Grill (Drink Specials For All Heroes) and usually feature genre savvy humor.

Publication history[edit]

The series was originally released as Super Hero Happy Hour in 2002 but the "Super" had to be dropped over trademark concerns about the use of the term super hero, as explained by Dan Taylor:

A Hero Happy Hour Super Special was published in 2004 and IDW Publishing released Super Deluxe Hero Happy Hour "The Lost Episode" in 2006.


  • The Bartender — retired superhero. Always quick with a free round if things are getting tense.
  • The Guardian (AKA "Joe", "Goody Two-Shoes") - when he's not swapping arch-nemesises he's optioning his movie rights.
  • Night Ranger (AKA "Nick", "Sister Christian") - he had the name before that silly hair-band and he'll be damned if he's going to change it.
  • Scout (AKA "Kip") - Night Ranger's impetuous young ward.
  • Psiren - it's not a boob-job but good tailoring.
  • Galaxy Girl - not really a "girl" any more but she liked the alliteration and the perfect adjective for "woman" was already taken.

Collected editions[edit]

Some of the series has been collected into a trade paperback:


In Wizard's Best of 2003 the series was named "Concept We Wish We’d Thought Of."[1]


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