Hero of Tajikistan

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Hero of Tajikistan
Awarded by  Tajikistan
EligibilityTajik and foreign citizens
Awarded forService to Tajikistan and Society
First awarded16 December 1996
RelatedHero of Russia

The title Hero of Tajikistan (Tajik:Қаҳрамони Тоҷикистон) is a state award of Tajikistan. It was first awarded in 1996 and was awarded for service to the implementation of domestic and foreign policy.[1][2][3]

Status and symbols[edit]

Individuals who are awarded the title of Hero of Tajikistan are awarded a special distinctive "Golden Star", which is worn on a tape on the left side of the chest. People who are awarded the title receive a monthly 100% premium to their assigned pension. Recipients are also given:

  • A living space provided by the state
  • Free vouchers for federal workers at the workplace
  • A free travel pass once a year

With the consent of the heirs of deceased recipients, his awards and documents on the award can be transferred to state museums for storage and display. If the deceased recipient has no heirs, his/her awards and award documents are returned to the state.

List of recipients[edit]

Portraits of recipients of the title in a museum in Khujand.
  • Sadriddin Ayni – 8 September 1996
  • Bobojon Ghafurov – 1997
  • Emomali Rahmon – 1999[4]
  • Mirzo Tursunzoda – 2001
  • Nusratullo Maksum – 27 June 2006
  • Shirinsho Shotemur – 27 June 2006[5]


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