Heroes (Stargate SG-1)

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Stargate SG-1 episode
Episode no. Season 7
Episode 17 & 18
Directed by Andy Mikita
Written by Robert C. Cooper
Production code 717 & 718
Original air date February 13, 2004
February 20, 2004
Guest appearance(s)
Episode chronology
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"Death Knell"
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Stargate SG-1 (season 7)
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"Heroes" (Parts 1 and 2) are episodes from Season 7 of the science fiction television series Stargate SG-1. This two-parter was nominated for a Hugo Award in the category Best Dramatic Presentation - Short Form. For Part 2, which aired as the 150th episode of the series, Andy Mikita was nominated for a Leo Award in the category "Dramatic Series: Best Direction", and Don S. Davis was nominated for a Leo Award in the category "Dramatic Series: Best Supporting Performance - Male" for this episode.


Part 1[edit]

The President of the United States, nearing the end of his time in office, has grown concerned over how the public will react if the Stargate Program becomes public knowledge after he leaves office. Hoping that he will be able to put a positive spin on his association with the program, he has commissioned a reporter to create a documentary on the people within the SGC and their activities. However, few key SGC members demonstrate willingness to participate in the documentary and the reporter seems to irritate the members of SG-1, and occasionally rant about censorship. (While he has been given complete access to all past mission reports, current activities of the SGC are off-limits since the Pentagon has yet to review and certify them safe for public viewing.) While Sam Carter and Daniel Jackson do participate in the interviews (unlike Teal'c, who simply stares silently at the camera, and Jack O'Neill, who goes to great pains to avoid the reporter completely), it is only Janet Fraiser who seems willing to tolerate the reporter's presence (and later jokes with him about his rather clumsy attempts to flirt with her).

Meanwhile, SG-13 is exploring the planet P3X-666 and a Goa'uld probe (possibly inspired by the MALP), discovers the exploration team and opens fire. After a brief firefight, it is successfully disabled. Deeming the world to be safe, at least for the immediate future, the SGC allows SG-13 to continue to study the ruins they had found. Undiscovered by the SGC, the probe had dispatched a sub-space signal before it was destroyed, and a Goa'uld strike force appears soon afterwards to engage the explorers. With one team member wounded by a Jaffa staff blast and unable to move, the SGC is forced to send three SG teams as reinforcement to hold off the Jaffa until Dr. Fraiser can stabilise the wounded airman.

Part 2[edit]

SG-1 and other teams enter the combat and provide cover for Dr. Fraiser and the wounded airman. Shockingly, while providing cover for the wounded soldier, Colonel O'Neill takes a Jaffa staff blast to the torso and falls to the ground amid continued violence. The embattled SG teams return to Earth and, while the camera crews are forced out of the Gateroom due to the 'No current activity' prohibition, an unidentified individual stretched lifeless on a gurney is visible and gives concern to the reporter. Soon afterwards, reports that there was a KIA (i.e. a casualty) during the mission begin to filter through the SGC and piques the interest of the reporter. In addition, the formerly unknown NID agent Woolsey conducts an investigation into the SGC, with many of General Hammond's, Dr. Jackson's, and Major Carter's operational decisions questioned. During this, the reporter continues to try to determine exactly what happened, who was on that stretcher, and whether rumors of Colonel O'Neill's death are accurate.

Bregman, the reporter, starts asking questions about who was shot and how. He makes a strong stand about the importance of the media in battle scenes, especially in a top secret program which is to be made public sooner or later anyway. He tells a poignant story highlighting the deep morality of documenting the sacrifice and loss associated with war. After continued pressure, Dr. Jackson allows the reporter to view the tape that he had made of the mission. Viewing the tape, we see Dr. Fraiser tending to the wounded soldier and, almost immediately after stabilising him for travel, taking a staff blast to her torso, fatally wounding her. Jack survived his own impact, and the wounded soldier was saved due to Janet's actions. Bregman's story, and his final documentary finally convince Hammond and Daniel that he's right.

Towards the end of the episode a memorial service for Janet is held, with Sam reading the names of those who, instead of having given their lives for their country, were still alive and serving due to Janet's excellent care. It is later revealed that the wounded airman, who had been saved by Janet, had a newly born baby daughter, who he named after Janet. The show ends with Jack finally agreeing to an interview.


Part 2 of the episode was the 150th episode of Stargate SG-1 to be aired.

Adam Baldwin, who plays Colonel Dave Dixon, commander of SG-13, in this episode, is known for playing Jayne Cobb in Firefly and Serenity and also Marcus Hamilton in Angel. Mitchell Kosterman previously played Special Agent James Hamner, in the SG-1 episode "Seth". "Heroes" also marks the first appearance of Agent Richard Woolsey (Robert Picardo) on the series. Picardo is known for playing the holographic Doctor on Star Trek: Voyager.


This two-parter was nominated for a Hugo Award for Best Dramatic Presentation, Short Form in 2005. For Part 2, Andy Mikita was nominated for a Leo Award in the category "Dramatic Series: Best Direction", and Don S. Davis was nominated for a Leo Award in the category "Dramatic Series: Best Supporting Performance - Male" for this episode.[1]


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