Heron Carvic

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Heron Carvic
Born Geoffrey Rupert William Harris
21 January 1913
London, England
Died 9 February 1980(1980-02-09) (aged 67)
Ashford, Kent, England
Occupation Actor
Years active 1934 - 1964

Heron Carvic (21 January 1913 – 9 February 1980) was a British actor and writer who provided the voice for Gandalf in the BBC Radio version of The Hobbit, and played Caiaphas the High Priest every time the play cycle The Man Born to be King was broadcast.

As a writer he created the characters and wrote the first five books featuring retired art teacher Miss Emily D. Seeton, a gentle parody of Agatha Christie's Miss Marple.

Further books nominally in the Miss Seeton series were then produced by two other writers using pseudonyms with "HC" initials. Roy Peter Martin as "Hampton Charles" wrote three novels, which were all released in 1990. Sarah J. Mason, writing as "Hamilton Crane", then took up the series writing 14 books in all, some of which are still in print. Mason's books modify Carvic's characters so much that only the names will be recognisable to readers of the first five books.

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  • Picture Miss Seeton (1968)
  • Miss Seeton Draws the Line (1969)
  • Miss Seeton, Bewitched (1971) (US Title: Witch Miss Seeton)
  • Miss Seeton Sings (1973)
  • Odds on Miss Seeton (1975)

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