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Herpa Miniaturmodelle GMBH
IndustryDie-cast toys
FoundedGermany, 1949 as Hergenröther und Patente
HeadquartersDietenhofen, Germany
Key people
Claus & Dieter Wagener (General Managers)
Klaus Schindler (General Marketing and Sales)
Walter Wehr (General Production)
ProductsModels and accessories for cars, trucks, aircraft, and railroads

Herpa, or Herpa Miniaturmodelle GmbH, is a German manufacturer of die-cast model aircraft under the Herpa Wings trademark and plastic car models under the Herpa Cars & Trucks trademark. The mainstay of the Herpa Wings range is in the 1/500 scale, although models are also produced in the 1/400, 1/200, and 1/1000 scales as well. The Herpa Cars & Trucks range is mainly produced in the 1/87 scale, although 1/120 and 1/160 scales are also offered.

Herpa also produces magazines for car & truck enthusiasts and model aircraft enthusiasts, known as Der Maßstab and WingsWorld respectively.



The company “Hergenröther und Patente” is founded in Nuremberg by inventor and patent holder Wilhelm Hergenröther to produce accessories for model trains. The initials of the company’s name make up the short form of “Herpa”.


Car models in the 1/87 H0 scale are presented at the International Toy Fair in Nuremberg. Herpa continues to extend this product line. Every following car model is put on the market using snap-fit construction (without any necessary gluing).


In 1980, Herpa presents the first truck models. Following that, in 1981, Herpa's truck models sport tipping cabins revealing an exact reproduction of an engine within. Industrial customers also start to use Herpa’s car models as an advertising instrument with their own company’s imprinting. The first issue of Der Maßstab is released in 1982. Herpa launches the HIGH-TECH series in the 1/87 scale in 1986, with the first model in the series a Ferrari Testarossa consisting of 22 pieces, an opening hood and technical features such as a 12-cylinder motor and wheels with separate suspension.

In 1987, the first plastic samples of airplane models of Boeing 747-200s in the 1/500 scale are produced. These models were presented to Lufthansa at an initiation ceremony for a Boeing 737-300 at Nuremberg Airport. Lufthansa then orders the production of the Lufthansa Model-Edition in the 1/200 scale exclusively for the airline. Herpa then launches the Lufthansa Model-Edition in 1988 with a replica of the Boeing 737-300.


In 1992, the Herpa Wings series of airplane models in the 1/500 scale are launched in Nuremberg. These models come with rolling landing gear, an industry first that has not been duplicated. Tamp printing is used to create highly detailed replicas of their originals. Several airlines placed orders with Herpa for the production of airplane models in their respective liveries.

In 1993, Herpa creates the first motorcycle in the 1/87 scale. A licensing contract with plane manufacturer Boeing is also signed in 1995. The first set of airport accessories is produced in 1996. Herpa receives the ISO 9001 certificate from the Bavarian Trade and Business Institute for the upholding of a quality management system that meets the highest European norms.

In 1997, Herpa Wings magazine WingsWorld was launched, alongside the first model aircraft in the 1/200 scale. The Herpa Wings Club is launched in 1999 in conjunction with Herpa's 50th anniversary.


2001 marked the start of the retailer initiative Herpa eXtra. The combined online/offline distribution concept was received by fifty initial retailers in various European countries. A Herpa Wings Christmas model was also produced for the first time. In 2004, the first Herpa Wings 1/1000 model was released, and more followed soon after. Also, a DC-3 is flown in company colours at various air-shows across the United States. The DC-3 flown is also available in the Herpa Wings collection in a scale of 1/200. The SCENIX range was also launched in 2006. In 2007, Herpa took on the Minitanks brand and product line of military vehicles from Austrian manufacturer, Roco.


Herpa Wings[edit]

Herpa Wings produces model aircraft in scales of 1/200, 1/400, 1/500, 1/600 and 1/1000. Approximately 4,000 different versions of 300 airlines in 19 different aircraft types have been released since its founding in 1992. Many airlines such as Cathay Pacific and Singapore Airlines stock Wings models as part of their on-board duty-free catalogues. These exclusive models are sold by the airlines onboard and aren't available in the regular collection.

Herpa Cars & Trucks[edit]

Herpa Cars & Trucks releases model cars and trucks in the 1/87 H0 scale, but also in the 1/160 and 1/220 scales. Since 1978, 37 different types in 200 liveries have been produced, with many used by industrial customers.


On October 1, 2007, Herpa took on the worldwide distribution of the Minitanks product line from Austrian manufacturer, Roco (Modelleisenbahn GmbH). This military series has been in production since 1960 and produces vehicles from a variety of eras in both N and H0 scale.


Although the first SCENIX Mercedes-Benz Actros "Black Edition" model was already available in December 2005, the SCENIX series was officially launched in 2006. The series is made up of models presented in a PC box that personifies truck models with light and sound.

Also, SCENIX comprises Herpa Wings accessories. Entire airport dioramas can be assembled, with many airport accessories also available to supplement these dioramas. Features such as runway lights have also been added in recent times. Airport buildings and accessories are mainly available in the 1/500 scale, with a few exceptions in the 1/400 scale.


Der Maßstab and WingsWorld are the two magazines produced by Herpa for car and truck enthusiasts and model aircraft enthusiasts. Initiated in 1986 and 1997, respectively, these magazines were only made available to Herpa Cars Club and Herpa Wings Club members. However, these magazines are now available via subscription to non-members, with Club members still receiving these magazines as part of their membership.

Herpa also releases annual catalogues for the Herpa Wings and Herpa Cars & Trucks collection, which highlight the various products for the year. New-release brochures are also available to Club members.

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