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Female thallus of Herpomyces chaetophilus, scale bar 100 μm.jpg
Female thallus of Herpomyces chaetophilus, removed from a Periplaneta americana cockroach
Scientific classification

Thaxt. 1903
Type species
Herpomyces periplanetae
Thaxt. 1903

H. amazonicus Thaxt. 1931
H. anaplectae Thaxt. 1905
H. appendiculatus Thaxt. 1931
H. arietinus Thaxt. 1902
H. chaetophilus Thaxt. 1902
H. chilensis Thaxt. 1918
H. diplopterae Thaxt. 1902
H. ectobiae Thaxt. 1902
H. forficularis Thaxt. 1902
H. gracilis Thaxt. 1931
H. grenadinus Thaxt. 1931
H. leurolestis Thaxt. 1931
H. lobopterae Thaxt. 1931
H. macropus Speg. 1917
H. nyctoborae Thaxt. 1905
H. panchlorae Thaxt. 1931
H. panesthiae Thaxt. 1915
H. paranensis Thaxt. 1902
H. periplanetae Thaxt. 1902
H. phyllodromiae Thaxt. 1905
H. platyzosteriae Thaxt. 1905
H. shelfordellae Pfliegler & Haelew. 2019
H. spegazzinii A.C. Gut & Haelew. 2020
H. stylopygae Speg. 1917
H. supellae Thaxt. 1931
H. tricuspidatus Thaxt. 1902
H. zanzibarinus Thaxt. 1902

Herpomyces is a fungal genus in the order Herpomycetales (Laboulbeniomycetes), with species that are exclusively ectoparasites of members of the Blattodea order (cockroaches).[1][2] As of 2020, 27 species of Herpomyces are formally described.[3] Members of Herpomyces have been reported from all continents except Antarctica.[4]

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