Herr, wir bringen in Brot und Wein

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"Herr, wir bringen in Brot und Wein"
Christian hymn
Pater Huub Oosterhuis, studentenpastor St. Ignatius College 5 Oosterhuis spreekt, Bestanddeelnr 922-1557.jpg
Huub Oosterhuis in 1969
Written1970 (1970)
Textby Hans Bernhard Meyer
Based onText by Huub Oosterhuis
Meter8 6 8 6
Melodyby Peter Janssens
Published1975 (1975)

"Herr, wir bringen in Brot und Wein" (Lord, we bring in bread and wine) is a Christian offertory hymn with German text by Dieter Trautwein, and a melody by Peter Janssens. The song, of the genre Neues Geistliches Lied (NGL), is part of German hymnals, including Gotteslob, and songbooks.


The theologian and hymnodist Hans Bernhard Meyer [de] and the composer Peter Janssens wrote "Herr, wir bringen in Brot und Wein" in collaboration in 1970, in an effort to express faith in contemporary texts and music in a genre later known as Neues Geistliches Lied (NGL).[1]

Meyer based the text on a 1965 work in Dutch by Huub Oosterhuis,[2][3] creating a song with three verses and a refrain "Herr, wir bringen in Brot und Wein unsere Welt zu dir. Du schenkst uns deine Gegenwart im österlichen Mahl." (Lord, we bring in bread and wine our world to you. You give us the gift of Your presence in the meal of Easter.)[1]

In a broadcast about the hymn, the theologian Thomas Weißer noted that bread and wine, the gifts of the offertory in preparation of the Eucharist, are already symbols in a general way, bread as a necessity for survival and wine standing for an abundance of extra enjoyment, which together can represent the world.[1]

The song was included in the German Catholic hymnal Gotteslob of 1975 as GL 534,[3][1] but only the refrain.[4] Winfried Offele composed a four-part choral setting with organ or piano and a melody instrument such as flute in 1973.[2] The song was included, now with the complete text, in the 2013 edition[4] as GL 184, in the section "Gesänge - Woche - Gesänge zur Gabenbereitung" (Chants – Week – chants for offertory).[5] The song is included in several songbooks.[1][6]


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