Herr Lehmann

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Berlin Blues
Herrlehmann paperbackcover.jpg
Cover of German paperback edition
Author Sven Regener
Original title Herr Lehmann
Translator John Brownjohn (into English)
Country Germany
Language German
Publisher Goldmann
Publication date
ISBN 0-09-944923-4
German ISBN 3-8218-0705-9
Preceded by Neue Vahr Süd

Herr Lehmann is a German novel by Sven Regener, published in 2001, adapted for the screen in 2003. It has been translated into English by John Brownjohn under the title Berlin Blues.

The book has sold more than 1 million copies in German and Regener received the Deutscher Filmpreis in gold for the screenplay. The story tells of the life of Frank Lehmann in Berlin in 1989. Regener's prequel Neue Vahr Süd (published in 2004) tells of Frank Lehmann's life in the year 1980, especially his time in the Bundeswehr (German armed forces) while the middle part of the trilogy Der kleine Bruder (the little brother) (published 2008) tells of two days in November 1980, when Frank Lehmann arrives at Berlin and tries to find his older brother Manfred who lives as an artist in Berlin Kreuzberg. After these two days of odyssey Frank is no longer the "little brother".


Frank Lehmann will soon turn 30 years old which is why all his friends tease him by calling him by his last name, Herr Lehmann. He works in a bar in Kreuzberg and drinks a lot of beer. Episodes in the story include his daily life in Kreuzberg; his parents' visit to Berlin; his love affair with Katrin, the beautiful cook; taking care of his best friend Karl, who slowly goes insane; and the fall of the Berlin Wall.


Leander Haußmann did an adaption with the same name for the screen with the former MTV video jockey Christian Ulmen in the title role. At the 54th German Film Award in Berlin in 2004 the film was awarded 2 Golden Lolas for Detlev Buck (best supporting actor) and for Regener (best screenplay).