Herreshoff Castle

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Herreshoff Castle.

Herreshoff Castle, formerly known as Castle Brattahlid, is an unusual residence located at 2 Crocker Park, Marblehead, Massachusetts.[1] As of 2006 it was a private residence offering bed-and-breakfast rentals.[2]

The castle was built in the 1920s by Marblehead artist Waldo Ballard and his wife, who stated that they based their design on Erik the Red's castle at Brattahlíð in Greenland, although the structure is Gothic in nature and does not resemble buildings of the type that would have been constructed at Brattahlíð during the era of Erik the Red. It is said that Ballard painted an oriental rug design on the castle's great room floor, based on an actual carpet in the nearby Jeremiah Lee Mansion.

In 1945 the Ballards sold the castle to L. Francis Herreshoff, son of noted yacht designer Nathanael Greene Herreshoff. The younger Herreshoff died in 1972.


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