Hershey's Cookies 'n' Creme

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Hershey's Cookies 'n' Creme
  • A plastic-wrapped Hershey's Cookies 'n' Creme bar
  • A bar broken in half
Product typeCandy bar
OwnerThe Hershey Company
CountryUnited States, Canada
Introduced1994; 26 years ago (1994)
Related brandsHershey bar

Hershey's Cookies 'n' Creme is a candy bar manufactured by The Hershey Company.

Hershey's Cookies 'n' Creme is a flat, white candy bar containing small, uniformly-shaped cookie bits similar in taste and texture to an Oreo cookie. It was introduced in 1994.[1] The "king-sized" variant of the bar shares the dimensions of the original bar but is thicker vertically. This is one of the few Hershey's chocolates sold in the United Kingdom. The standard-sized bar has 12 rectangular blocks arranged in a 3X4 grid. Similar Cookies 'n' Creme candies manufactured by Hershey were released as Hershey's Drops in 2010.

Recipe change[edit]

The Hershey Company later changed the ingredients of some of its products in order to replace the relatively expensive cocoa butter with oil substitutes.[2] As a result, the packaging no longer states that the bar contains white chocolate.

Nutrition information[edit]

1.55oz or 43g bar:

  • Calories: 220 (100 from fat)
  • Total Fat: 12g (7g Saturated Fat)
  • Cholesterol: 5 mg
  • Sodium: 100 mg
  • Total Carb.: 26g (19g Sugars)
  • Protein: 3g


A box of Hershey's Cookies 'n' Creme cereal at a convenience store.

On July 5, 2013, Hershey's Cookies 'n' Creme was released as a cereal by General Mills.


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