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Hertonäs strand
Helsinki Subdivision
Position of Herttoniemenranta within Helsinki
Position of Herttoniemenranta within Helsinki
Country  Finland
Region Uusimaa
Sub-region Greater Helsinki
Municipality Helsinki
Subdivision number 433
District Southeastern
Subdivision regions is a quarter of the Herttoniemi neighbourhood
Area 0,95 km2 (37 sq mi)
Population (2004) 8 273
Postal codes 00810
Neighbouring subdivisions Herttoniemen teollisuusalue
Roihupellon teollisuusalue

Herttoniemenranta (Finnish), Hertonäs strand (Swedish) is a southeastern neighborhood of Helsinki, Finland.Herttoniemenranta is part of Herttoniemi and it was built in the late 1990s and early 2000s.

Coordinates: 60°11′26″N 25°02′02″E / 60.19056°N 25.03389°E / 60.19056; 25.03389