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Hervé de Toulgoët (28 March 1911 – 14 September 2009) was a French entomologist. He specialised in Lepidoptera Arctiidae. He also studied the beetle genus Carabus and the moths of the family Zygaenidae. A biography was published by his friend Paul Thiaucourt.[1] Another interesting note is the one of Jocelyne Navatte.[2]

According to Navatte's note, de Toulgoët published 179 works. On the genus Carabus, he published a Catalogue of the types of the Paris Museum collection.[3] On the Zygaenidae he published a note on some Moroccan species.[4] His other works are mainly on Arctiidae.


Hervé de Toulgoët described 432 new species,[5] and the following 31 genera:

Many taxa have also been named in honour of de Toulgoët:

Notes and references[edit]

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