Hesa Awal Behsood District

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Hisa-I-Awali Bihsud District is a district of Wardak Province, Afghanistan. The district has a Hazara majority resident population, but the district is also used as grazing ground by nomadic Pashtun Kuchis. The Hajigak Mine is located in the district.

Since 2007 there has been a flare-up in ethnic violence in the district, emanating from a dispute between Hazaras and Kuchis over the ownership of vast tracts of land, with the Hazara claiming Kuchi militias are being armed by the Taliban. Several villages have been burned and thousands have had to flee the area.



Hesa Awaal Behsood is suffering every year from attack of Kochis, the Kochis destroy the farms and demolish agriculture, the agriculture is the only way of income of Behsood people. the central government do not pay any attention as it seems to be an organised plan by the fascist group of government who always tried to make suffer the hazaras in all parts of Afghanistan.