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Hesham Tillawi is a Palestinian-American writer, TV talk show host, and political analyst living in Lafayette, Louisiana.[1] He holds a doctoral degree in international relations from Bernelli University (formerly Berne University). He was elected vice president of the national executive committee of the Palestinian American Congress in 2004.[2]

Tillawi's weekly two-hour television show, "Current Issues", began to be carried by Bridges TV, a Muslim television network, in late 2005. Tillawi used the show to vocalize criticism against Israel's treatment of Arabs and Muslims.[citation needed] The Anti-Defamation League, however, said his show was "a megaphone for Holocaust deniers and white supremacists seeking to broadcast their hatred and anti-Semitism into American homes" with a "who's who" of notable American antisemites including David Duke, Willis Carto, Edgar J. Steele, Mark Weber, Kevin B. MacDonald and Bradley Smith.[2]

After a 2006 episode in which he interviewed Lyndon LaRouche, Tillawi said he got phone calls and e-mails protesting LaRouche's appearance on the show. Tillawi defended his decision to have LaRouche as a guest, saying that people had to hear what LaRouche has to say and make their own judgment.[3]

Carried briefly on Bridges TV, "Current Issues" was dropped by the station in May 2006. It continues to be broadcast on Public-access television cable TV and is also available over the Internet. [2]


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