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Mount Washington College
Mount Washington College logo.gif
Former names
Hesser College, Hesser Business College
Type For-profit
Active 1900–2016
Location Manchester, New Hampshire, United States

Mount Washington College was a for-profit college in New Hampshire, United States. Until 2013 it was known as Hesser College.[1] It was owned by Kaplan, Inc. The college offered associate and bachelor's degrees focused in business and information technology. The college claimed a flexible class scheduling system tailored to a diverse group of students. The school was accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC).[2] Mount Washington College closed in May 2016.

Campus locations[edit]

Mount Washington College has one campus location in Manchester, where the school offers associate's and bachelor's degrees in a range of programs including business, information technology, digital media, criminal justice, liberal studies, healthcare management, and paralegal studies. The school also has an expanded national presence via its online education programs where students can obtain an associate's or bachelor's degree in business or information technology.[3]


Old Hesser College logo

The location of the Manchester campus, among the Sundial Center of Commerce & Education, enables students to have exposure to local businesses and potential internships not available in other locations and in other small colleges.[4] The college incorporates a unique advisory program to ensure that students choose appropriate fields of study based on their specific strengths.[5][6]

Mount Washington College also has what is known as the "Mount Washington Commitment", an innovative program that allows prospective students to attend the college in their selected field without any tuition obligation. When the introductory period is over, students have the option to continue their studies or drop out without having to pay for classes.[7]

Academically, Mount Washington maintains a relatively low student-faculty ratio for a college. The school encourages students to continue their education to improve their professions. Student life incorporates various student organizations. The urban setting provides numerous opportunities for student life and professional opportunities.[8]

The eight-week semester of many courses is popular amongst the students at the college, allowing for flexibility and solid career skill foundation.[9]

The college offers multiple scholarships and financial aid, as well as federal work study programs to help prospective students pay for tuition and fees.[10]

The college has resources for students with disabilities and has a good success rate for students with learning disabilities.[11] In 2000 the college began offering information technology programs, and was recognized as a Microsoft Authorized Academic Training Program Institution.[12]

The K.W.G. Memorial Library is an innovative media center that offers resources in digital format. The library is accessible via online accounts for students and has content-specific categories available for research.[13] Academic support services can be provided to a student via this center.[14]


The college is involved in various charities and non-profits across the state. Mount Washington College provides school supplies to needy students. The school also partners with Southern New Hampshire University to assist with providing food to needy populations in the state.


Founded as Hesser Business College in Manchester in 1900, Mount Washington College continues to follow the principle of providing individual encouragement and assistance to all students instilled by its founder, Joel H. Hesser. Hesser was a New Hampshire educator and businessman who believed in providing educational opportunities for every citizen.

Hesser College began to expand its educational services beyond the city of Manchester in 1975 when the first extension campus was opened in Nashua. In the decades that followed, additional campuses were opened in Portsmouth, Salem, and Concord.

In 2000 Hesser College celebrated its 100-year anniversary. In 2001 the college was approved by the New Hampshire Division of Higher Education to grant additional baccalaureate degrees in business administration. In 2005 the school offered bachelor of science degrees in psychology.

In July 2013, it was announced that Hesser College had changed its name to Mount Washington College. The college's new name also comes with new online degree options.

On July 10, 2014, the college announced it was closing its Nashua and Salem campuses by September 2014 and laying off 50 employees. The closure of the campuses was due to the recent decline of student enrollment by 30%. This closure comes approximately one year after the college closed its Concord and Portsmouth campuses.[15]

On August 4, 2015, the college's board of trustees announced it was closing the college. The college plans to teach out their programs and close their last campus in Manchester.[16]


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