Het Belang van Limburg

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Het Belang van Limburg
Het Belang van Limburg (2003-02-02).svg
Type Daily newspaper
Format Tabloid
Owner(s) Concentra
Editor Ivo Vandekerckhove
Founded 1933; 85 years ago (1933)
Headquarters Hasselt
Sister newspapers Gazet van Antwerpen
Website www.hbvl.be

Het Belang van Limburg (Dutch; literally The Interest of Limburg) is a Dutch language regional newspaper in Belgium.

History and profile[edit]

Het Belang van Limburg was founded in 1933 as a merger of several weekly magazines. The paper is owned and published by Concentra.[1][2] It is published in tabloid format as its sister newspaper Gazet van Antwerpen.[3]

The circulation of Het Belang van Limburg in 2002 was 114,469 copies.[4] Next year it had a circulation of 103,000 copies.[1] It was 102,000 copies in 2004.[2]

The circulation of the paper was 98,352 copies in 2007.[5] Its circulation was 99,443 copies in 2009.[6]


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