Het Grote Songfestivalfeest

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Het Grote Songfestivalfeest
Het Grote Songfestivalfeest.jpeg
Final15 December 2019
VenueZiggo Dome, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Host broadcasterAVROTROS
Number of entries33 songs from 1969 onwards (22 broadcast)
Het Grote Songfestivalfeest

Het Grote Songfestivalfeest (English: the Big Songfestival Party) was a Dutch television concert programme starring artists of the Eurovision Song Contest from the past sixty-four years and a pre-event prior to the 2020 Eurovision Song Contest, which was to be held in Rotterdam prior to its cancellation. The concert took place on 15 December 2019 at the Ziggo Dome, in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Tickets were on sale via Ticketmaster. The event was produced by PilotStudio in collaboration with the Dutch broadcaster, AVROTROS and was broadcast on New Year's Day 2020.[1][2]


The show was originally planned to be hosted by Dutch Eurovision commentators Cornald Maas and Jan Smit, however the latter had to withdraw due to illness and was later replaced by one of his Eurovision 2020 co-hosts, Edsilia Rombley. Rombley, who represented the Netherlands in the 1998 and 2007 contests, also performed her entries during the concert.[3] Former Dutch spokesperson Emma Wortelboer and Tim Douwsma, and Junior Eurovision Song Contest commentator Buddy Vedder also appeared as presenters during the show to introduce some of the acts.


Thirty-one Eurovision acts from seventeen countries participated in the concert.

Order[a] Broadcast[b] Year Country Artist Song Language
01 01 2016  Russia Sergey Lazarev "You Are the Only One" English
02 02 2004  Ukraine Ruslana "Wild Dances"[c] English, Ukrainian
03 No 2008  Sweden Charlotte Perrelli "Hero" English
04 03 1998  Israel Dana International "Diva" Hebrew
05 No 2019  Russia Sergey Lazarev "Scream" English
06 No 1978  Israel Izhar Cohen "A-Ba-Ni-Bi" English
07 04 1986  Belgium Sandra Kim "J'aime la vie" French
08 No 1977  France Marie Myriam "L'oiseau et l'enfant" French
09 No 1973  Luxembourg Anne-Marie David "Tu te reconnaîtras" French
10 No 1983  Luxembourg Corinne Hermès "Si la vie est cadeau" French
11 07 1998  Netherlands Edsilia Rombley "Hemel en aarde" Dutch
2007 "On Top of the World" English
12 No 1986  Netherlands Marlayne and Mandy "Alles heeft ritme" Dutch
1999 "One Good Reason" English
1974  Sweden "Waterloo"[d] English
13 06 1975  Netherlands Getty Kaspers "Ding-a-dong"[e] English
14 09 2013  Denmark Emmelie de Forest "Only Teardrops" English
15 No 1993  Ireland Niamh Kavanagh "In Your Eyes" English
16 No 1996  Ireland Eimear Quinn "The Voice" English
17 08 1999  Sweden Charlotte Perrelli "Take Me to Your Heaven" English
18 05 1997  United Kingdom Katrina Leskanich "Love Shine a Light"[f] English
19 10 2019  Norway Keiino "Spirit in the Sky" English
21 No 2000  Denmark Jørgen Olsen "Fly on the Wings of Love"[g] English
21 12 1969  Netherlands Lenny Kuhr "De troubadour" Dutch
22 13 1993  Netherlands Ruth Jacott "Vrede" Dutch
23 14 1982  Germany Nicole "Ein bißchen Frieden" German, Dutch
24 15 1980  Ireland Johnny Logan "What's Another Year" English
1987 "Hold Me Now" English
25 16 1992  Ireland Linda Martin "Why Me?" English
26 17 1979  Israel Gali Atari "Hallelujah"[h] Hebrew, English, Dutch
27 18 2018  Israel Netta "Toy" English
28 19 2019  San Marino Serhat "Say Na Na Na" English
29 No 2011  Azerbaijan Ell and Marlayne[i] "Running Scared" English
30 11 2019  Italy Mahmood "Soldi" Italian
31 20 2007  Ukraine Verka Serduchka "Dancing Lasha Tumbai" German, English
32 21 2018  Cyprus Eleni Foureira "Fuego" English
33 22 2012  Sweden Loreen "Euphoria" English
No – Performances were not shown during the broadcast


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  4. ^ ABBA cover
  5. ^ Teach-In cover
  6. ^ Katrina and the Waves cover
  7. ^ Olsen Brothers cover
  8. ^ Milk and Honey cover, performed with Tim Douwsma and Buddy Vedder
  9. ^ Only Eldar Gasimov of the duo Ell and Nikki was able to perform, so Marlayne Sahupala performed the parts of Nigar Jamal

Withdrawn artists[edit]

The original list of the performers also included Willeke Alberti, the Dutch representative at the Eurovision Song Contest 1994, who missed the show because of an illness.[4][5] Eurovision winners Finnish hard rock band Lordi (2006) and Russia's Dima Bilan (2008) were appealed to perform, but later they cancelled their participation.[6] Helena Paparizou was also invited, but she couldn't make it because she was having a live broadcasting with The Voice of Greece. She sent a video message in which she sang the refrain of her 2005 winning song "My Number One".


In the Netherlands, Het Grote Songfestivalfeest aired on 1 January 2020 on NPO 3 at 20:25 and on BVN at 21:40 (CET). The concert was later broadcast in Greece on ERT1. The first part aired on 29 February, with the second following the next day.[7] The concert also aired in Australia on 10 May at 20:30 (AEST) on SBS Viceland. The concert was known as The Road To Eurovision 2020: The Winners and was part of an alternate Australian Eurovision broadcast that took place from 10–17 May 2020 due to the cancellation of the Eurovision Song Contest 2020.[8]


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